Records and Information 


As Information Consultants, BST is involved in a variety of activities of an organization's information project including writing records management policy/programs, project management, marketing, client relationship management and systems development. BST works to improve the structure and efficiency of an organization’s information systems, infrastructures and methodologies. BST may also be responsible for user training and feedback. Consultants are also increasingly involved in sales and business development, as well as other technical duties.


Information Consultants 


Information Consulting can involve:



When BST is approached for information solutions, we take the time to introduce the organization to concepts of a holistic approach. BST then moves to gather additional information about the needs of the organization. A thorough Project Profile, Return on Investment analysis and Goal Oriented Marketing campaign are prepared to give the organization a better handle on the probabilities of project success including.



BST provides organizations with a thorough project timeline that includes a Gantt chart indicating initiation, planning, execution and closeout dates. The project timeline also indicates the resources that are needed by the organization both internally and externally.



For all information projects, it is critical that an organization's work practices and what it is the organization does from a business perspective is analyzed. BST takes to time to perform a thorough discovery process that may include interviews with staff members, stakeholders and third party vendors who may provide additional services.



As part of building rapport with organizations, BST takes the time for onsite visits to get a firsthand look at business processes. BST works to schedule onsite meetings, demos, and to exhibit possible solutions.



BST believes that "everyone" in the organization is in integral component of what the whole organization represents. Everyone in the organization has something important to contribute and BST takes the time to meet with anyone on the organization chart that may be a helpful contributor to the information solution being implemented.



BST provides organizations with system specifications related to IT infrastructure to support an efficiency application or if simple e-document scanning is needed. System specifications can range from the very small business unit solution to an enterprise-wide solution for the entire organization.



BST provides organizations with a definition document that includes the recommended software, hardware and network specifications that best provide the solution needed by the organization.



After an information solution has been implemented, documentation for the organization detailing the information solution itself is provided. Thorough and detailed project documentation is critical for an organization's staff members to have the ability to take over after BST has completed the core components of the information solution.



User training is one of the most critical components of any project. BST develops thorough training for users that details all information solution processes.


Holistic Information Intelligence

Reasons for Reliability

Objective Onlooker

Besides seeing problems from a different perspective than internal staff, BST provides a fresh viewpoint without being concerned about what your workers might think about.


To Teach

Having special skills and knowledge, BST passes on that knowledge on to your organization. It is very important to stay abreast of advances and developments in technology.


Tough Tasks

Let's face it, no one wants to be the person who has to make the tough decisions in. BST is impartial to handling the unpleasant and tough tasks in any work environment.

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